Was ist Line 6 Helix?


  1. Was ist Line 6 Helix?
  2. Was ist Helix native?
  3. What is Line 6’s Helix?
  4. What is the helix and how does it work?
  5. Should there be a smaller version of helix?
  6. What is the helix family?

Was ist Line 6 Helix?

Mit dem Helix hat Line 6 ein digitales Komplettsystem für Gitarristen geschaffen. Die Hardware simuliert die Kernelemente Verstärker und mikrofonierte Box ebenso wie vor- und nachgeschaltete Effekte aller Art, natürlich speicher- und nach Belieben konfigurierbar.

Was ist Helix native?

Mit Line 6 Helix Native erscheint auf der Musikmesse 2017 ein weiteres Goodie für Gitarristen. Hier handelt es sich um ein Plugin für PC & Mac (VST3, AU, AAX), in dem Du zahlreiche Modellierungen von Amps, Lautsprechern, Effektgeräten und Mikros verknüpfen und editieren kannst.

What is Line 6’s Helix?

  • The Blogging Musician @ adamharkus.com Line 6’s flagship multi-effects processor, the Helix, has so many features it’s great for original work, and covers. The HX Effects brings the sounds of Helix in a smaller unit for use with your favorite pedalboard setup. The Helix Native plugin brings all of the Helix to your favorite recording software.

What is the helix and how does it work?

  • Where other effects units would only allow for one distortion, one delay, one modulation effect, one reverb, etc.. the Helix allows you to combine multiple instances of the various effects until you run out of DSP. (This is very useful when it comes to stacking distortions, delays, pitch-shifting effects, etc.)

Should there be a smaller version of helix?

  • There should be a smaller and affordable version of Helix. It would sell like icecream in the Sahara! I found a video with interesting info about amplification and gear. It’s helping me a lot: 25. February 2016 at 8:53 Line 6 adds more effect and amp models along the way.

What is the helix family?

  • Powered by next-generation HX Modeling technology, the Helix family recreates amps, cabs, mics, and effects with accuracy and precision. Vintage and modern tube amp models give an authentic sound and feel, and are designed to interact with your playing like the originals.